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Business champions constitute the central element of RoadSafe's 'Driving for Better Business campaign'. They are those firms that are prepared to step forward to champion good practice in work related road safety by taking a business message to business.

Business champions, drawn from public, private and voluntary sectors, both company directors and fleet decision-makers, work through various networks and associations to deliver awareness to their fellow businessmen. The target audience is those businesses operating company car and van fleets, as well as those who rely on staff to use their own vehicles on work-related journeys.

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Driving Business Safely with BAE systems

Paul Ashenden
S.H.E & Security Manager
Electronics, Intelligence & Support

BAE Systems employs more than 100,000 employees worldwide. The company has a site in Rochester with 1,300 employees most of whom drive to work. The majority of which travel from Medway but a significant number travel further on a daily basis.

BAE Systems were early adopters of Driving Business Safely and are now in their third year working with the programme.

Initially Paul and his team became aware of DBS through receiving the DBS drivers packs and began to roll out the information to employees. Keen to pursue the positive response from the packs and posters, Paul and his team began to investigate the options to businesses which were available beyond the Drivers packs.

With BAE Systems running an apprenticeship scheme, the S.H.E & Security Manager, Paul Ashenden, realised that many of this group fell within the 17-23 age group which are at most risk as road users. At the time BAE Systems were running a scheme called 'Every Child Matters' which looked at various life and risk education topics and Paul saw an opportunity to bring together its in-house awareness programme with Driving Business Safely to ensure that not only were this vital group targeted but the level of awareness of safer driving was promoted to the entire workforce.

Adopting a proactive stand, BAE Systems invited the Kent & Medway Safety Partnership to host a seminar with a view to expanding the level of awareness among its employees to why safety cameras are used and the impact abusing speed can have on business.

"BAE Systems have always had a good record concerning road safety, but since being involved with Driving Business Safely we have noticed a marked decrease in the number of speeding tickets. In fact in the last year we have not received a single ticket and this has been brought about through the raised level of knowledge of camera awareness and why they are there." Paul said.

Paul went on to say "We have seen a significant drop in the number of business driving crashes. The benefits to companies and industry in general go much deeper though. There is a personal effect brought about from any crash. It has costs beyond the actual car and associated insurance implications. By having systems in place which regularly discuss road safety and involve staff we are helping to ensure the safety of our employees on the road and of other road users."

"All drivers have to be aware that it is incumbent on them to use the road safely whether it is for business of personal use and that if you get a speeding ticket from any source be it camera or police that the ticket is issued to the person and not the company. In fact it is a criminal offence under the road traffic act for companies to pay any speeding fine. The points and the fine are issued to the driver and they will pay the penalty. If they continue to break the law they will eventually end up losing their livelihood."

"Moving forward we will continue working with the Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership and the Driving Business Safely initiatives, because we have certainly benefited from our association."

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